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Tommy Von has been involved in the film and television industry of southern California. He worked for a 3D modeling and animation software company based in San Diego, CA called Pixels Inc., maker of the Mac-based Pixels 3D suite of modeling, animation and rendering tools. (1999-2002).

During that time, he also attended and graduated from the Art Institute of California with a Associate's of Science in 3D animation, holding the distinction of receiving the "Best Portfolio" award for the class of 2001. Over the years, he has provided motion graphics, animation, 3D Product design, Interactive and Web design as a contract artist for many L.A. and Denver based post production facilities and other companies needing his skills.

3D Printing

Since 2013, Tommy has been designing products in 3D for fabrication using 3D printing, CNC routing, SLS (selective laser sintering), and other Maker technologies in collaboration with Denver area inventors and entrepreneurs. Most designs are on the Polygonz 3D FB page.

Ancient ArtyFacts - 3D Print derived designs - Candles and more!

Product Design

The first Caterpillar tractor - the CAT-20

Floating Survival Shelter

Sci-Fi Documentary Trailer

Sound Re-active animation

Cloth simulation

Sound driven by Saturn Radio emissions

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Fine Art

From 1989 to 1991, I attended 3 years of fine art classes at CSUF.
Below are some examples