3D Product Design • Modeling • Animation • Character Design


From 1998 to 2006, Tommy Von was involved in the film and television industry of southern California. During this time, he worked for a 3D modeling and animation software company based in San Diego, CA called Pixels Inc., maker of the Mac-based Pixels 3D suite of modeling, animation and rendering tools. 

During that time, he also attended and graduated from the Art Institute of California with a degree in 3D animation, holding the distinction of receiving the "Best Portfolio" award for the class of 2001. Also during this period, he provided motion graphics, animation, 3D historical re-constructions, and architectural visualizations as a contract artist for many L.A. based post production facilities and other companies needing 3D.

Historical re-construction (from photographs)
of the first Caterpillar tractor - the CAT-20

Vampire Skull Artifact

Fine Art

Tommy Von also attended 3 years of fine art classes at CSUF
Below are some examples

Render of a survival shelter co-designed by Tommy Von
in 2011 with Campo Construction (Patent Pending)

Sound Re-active animation

Cloth simulation

Fluid dynamics driven by Saturn Radio emissions

3D weapon of choice:

Cinema 4D - I have been using this app since it first launched in the 90s

Screen shot of Cinema 4D running on a Commodore Amiga