Open Source

Open Source Initiative

Ubuntu Studio is a LTS (long term support) official version of
Ubuntu Linux that comes with apps for graphics, sound and video,
so you can create right out of the box!

Open Source software is not just for geeks or activists anymore!
Developed by thousands, less buggy, more frequently updated, and
totally free, Open Source titles are now easy to install, and have
in some cases more features than their commercial counterparts.

Apache Open Office
(MS Office replacement)

(InDesign desktop publishing replacement)

(Photoshop replacement)

(Illustrator replacement)

Blender 3D
(Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave replacement)

Make Human - 3D Characters

(3D Fractal Explorer)

(2D / 3D game making)

(mac only)
Turn your mac into a TV studio

Darwin Streaming Server
(cross-platform audio/video streaming)