Myst was formed in 1989 in Fullerton CA,
alongside Sprung Monkey,Unwritten Law, No Doubt,
Social Distortion, Save Ferris and other great
So Cal bands of the time.

MYST BandCamp

While in Myst, Tommy Von was nicknamed “Baron”.

Myst released "Hit Or Myst" - a full length vinyl LP in 1991 which gained
national college radio airplay. Myst played shows in many western states
before disbanding in 1993.

Hit Or Myst
Hit or Myst album cover

The album was recorded in one day by the live sound crew at Associated Student Productions of CSUF. The student pub was closed for the the recording session (it was a Saturday), and the band set up on the stage, like a normal show, with the live results being captured on a Fostex R-8 reel to reel analog multitrack tape machine. Some vocal, guitar and keyboard over dubs occurred before mastering and pressing to vinyl occurred. 1000 pressings were made.

Quote from an album review (scan below) of Hit or Myst from 1991

“The garage is where this band comes from, and I say that because they play a good and true type of “garage music.” The show off guitar work is there, the “we’re into Rush and Black Flag” statement was definitely said somewhere alone the line, and the need to hear (the album) a couple of times just to get it makes this a vinyl show of garage based Americana.”

Press interview

Hit Or Myst LP review