In support of our streaming radio station Garage Pirate Radio, we have launched

Garage Pirate TeleVision

Broadcasting independent original music video and animation content.
(big things start small… adding more content often!)

Broadcast hours: 11:11pm - 7:33am

Watching the station:

If you have a newer system,
on Mac OS 10.6 and newer, (also Windows & Ubuntu Linux)
I don't know why EVERY browser recently stopped support
of streaming mp4 video, but YT and FB come to mind ;-)

Download the awesome open source Miro app

and add the station by selecting "Sidebar > add source" and paste the URL from above.
You will now see an item titled  "GaragePirateTV.sdp" in your Videos sidebar.

Click HERE to watch!*
or copy and paste:
*Supported by browser versions dated 2013 or BEFORE. 
(tested on Mac os X Snow Leopard - Safari 5.1.10 & Firefox 48.0.2 )