Episodes 1-3 are a historical exploration of rare psychedelic, garage and
progressive rock from the years 1966-1973, an important formative
period in musical history.

Episode III

Blue Cheer, Walter Carlos, George Harrison, Hawkwind, Fenwyck, The Master's
Apprentices, The Seeds, The Move, The Sonics, The Litter, The Daily Flash,
Wishbone Ash, Jean Luc Ponty

Episode II

The Rare Breed, The E-Types, The Groupies, Lollipop Shop, Third Bardo,
The Human Expression, The Amboy Dukes, The Music Machine, The Elastik
Band, The Brouges, Kim Fowley, The Nazz, The Status Quo, Danetallion's Chariot

Episode I

Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Leaf Hound, Little Free Rock, The Onyx, John's Children,
July, The Ghost, The Move, 13th Floor Elevators, Ground Speed, Pete Brown & 
Piblokto!, Van Der Graf Generator


Listener comment:
Jason Evans
7/18/2016 16:21:17 PM

I've really enjoyed listening to the past episodes while I await Tommy's next installment. 
It's been like a whistle-stop tour of psychedelic rock, and while most of it wasn't a direct 
influence on me, that sort of music would certainly have influenced the people who 
influenced me in my electronic music-making, so it's rather like researching my family 
tree, musically speaking.

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