Episodes 1-3 are a historical exploration of rare psychedelic, garage and
progressive rock from the years 1966-1973, an important formative
period in musical history.


Listener comment:
Jason Evans
7/18/2016 16:21:17 PM

I've really enjoyed listening to the past episodes while I await Tommy's next installment. 
It's been like a whistle-stop tour of psychedelic rock, and while most of it wasn't a direct 
influence on me, that sort of music would certainly have influenced the people who 
influenced me in my electronic music-making, so it's rather like researching my family 
tree, musically speaking.

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Ep. 1
Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Leaf Hound, Little Free Rock, The Onyx, John's Children,
July, The Ghost, The Move, 13th Floor Elevators, Ground Speed, Pete Brown & 
Piblokto!, Van Der Graf Generator

Ep. 2
The Rare Breed, The E-Types, The Groupies, Lollipop Shop, Third Bardo,
The Human Expression, The Amboy Dukes, The Music Machine, The Elastik
Band, The Brouges, Kim Fowley, The Nazz, The Status Quo, Danetallion's Chariot

Ep. 3
Blue Cheer, Walter Carlos, George Harrison, Hawkwind, Fenwyck, The Master's
Apprentices, The Seeds, The Move, The Sonics, The Litter, The Daily Flash,
Wishbone Ash, Jean Luc Ponty