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About Tommy Von


"Thank you Tommy Von of Buddha Tone Records, for generously sharing his vast knowledge of Ableton, helping guide me through my technological dark ages, and making me believe that I could make the album I wanted in my bedroom on a shoestring budget."
- Jason Murray , singer/songriter

"Tommy Von, the driving force behind CO rock act The Psychedelic Sounds of Myst, introduced himself to me as a fun gentleman who was passionate about taking music and lyrics to places never previously explored, while employing facets of a number of highly-regarded rock and blues styles from days past. Anyone who has met Tommy knows his projects aren't complete until they have reached his standard of perfection. His true passion radiates during his live performances. "

- Geoff Gundy, Morning Talent & Producer of Colorado Native, RXP@103.9FM, Colorado Springs

"Tommy is the rare person who combines incredible technical skill and knowhow with truly creative impulses and a broad understanding of art and music in many forms of media. His own body of work is extensive and profound, and he has the ability to bring out the best in other artists and musicians when collaborating."

- John Sinclair, Film Professional, Orofino, LLC, Los Angeles

"I have been fortunate to have Mr. Von as a teacher, personal adviser, and coach in the field of Digital Audio Engineering, and Creative Composing Techniques. Tommy Is very much an expert in this field as well as many other related fields - which gives him the unique ability to provide insight and a variety of methods when it comes to understanding how to manage work stations, solve problems, and use a variety of approaches to achieve desired goals with respect to interfacing Audio with Digital in the studio as well as, management techniques for Live Performance. I have personally witnessed him helping people solve problems in this and other related fields, when it seemed no one else could. Tommy Von Comes Highly Recommended!"

- Curtis Mason, Vocalist , Musician, Artist

"Top notch, professional, informative, and just a little bit sexy...what more can I say?"

- Gabe From the Future, Bass / Keyboard player in Four Moons, DJ at KRCC 91.5FM, Colorado Springs

"When it comes to music, Tommy really knows a lot. I met him about eight years ago when he booked a show for my first band. Ever since he has produced many great songs and tracks, and I continue to look forward to his next release! Also, Tommy has a very impressive knowledge of sound dynamics, and especially working with the Digital Audio Workstation. He is a valuable resource in the musical community! Happy playing!"

- Eli J Prythero, Guitarist, Harmonica player

"I would suggest learning from Tommy Von because he has a true passion for music and a professional understanding of the music industry and what it means to be an artist. Whether it be creating your own music or helping others achieve their music goals, Tommy can teach you how you can achieve success with your music career (thank you for helping me with my goals sir!)"

- Austin Fudge, Singer / Songwriter/ Guitarist

"Tommy Von is a relic of an era where musicians could do it all--write, sing, play, repeat. Add sound engineer and videographer to his laundry list of credentials and one should wonder if sleep is in his vocabulary. Part visual artist, part multi-instrumentalist, part folk hero--Tommy Von has pioneered his own unique blend of alternative, prog-garage rock that holds its own amongst the mainstream indie giants. His quarter-century of original material features an opus of psychedelic, rockin' tunes that are a must-listen to any serious music junkie."

- Ray Provo, B2B Sales / Marketing, SiriusDecisions, New York

Topics I consult in:

Sound and Signal flow
The DAW Overview
The Mixer & The Arrangement
Dynamic Effects
Filter and Delay Effects
Synthesis (Virtual Instruments / MIDI)

Creative writing and Lyric Theory
Song Structure and Arrangement
Chord Progressions in Songwriting
Songwriting and Instrumentation
Songwriting Tools & Techniques in DAWs
Music Publishing, Performance Rights, and Royalties

Audio Engineering Career

Mr. Von began his audio production experience in high school, before forming his first band. He realized that a modern musician would need to learn recording tools as well as an instrument to fully take advantage of innovations in the audio industry. On the weekends, he began renting analog four track gear and mics, cables, etc. from Music Power rentals (a local SD chain). After that, as part of the live sound crew at CSUF, Fullerton CA (1989-1991) he helped provide sound support for weekly concerts and pub shows on campus. He then moved to Chicago Ill. to occupy the Chief Studio Engineer position at King Studios on Chicago Ave. (1991-1992).


Pursuing his interest in audio production, he then attended and graduated from UCLA Recording Engineering school under the instruction of Michael Braunstein of the Record Plant Los Angeles, who worked with artists including Frank Zappa ("One Size Fits All" through "Joe's Garage" albums), Stephen Stills (Crosby, Stills & Nash), The Eagles, Quincy Jones, Barry Manilow, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Grand Funk Railroad, to name a few.


Courses at UCLA also included an internship under Missy Worth in Artist Development at Sony Music West Coast HQ. Over the years, Mr. Von has provided engineering and producer services to many groups and songwriters in the Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative Rock, Blues and Jazz Genres. Other sound related activity included sound engineer for Thursday night open mic at The Rainbow Room on Sunset Blvd., Friday night open mic at the Pig N Whistle on Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, and managing Action Audio, a Hollywood based TV/Film sound equipment rental facility. 

He moved to CO in 2008 to pursue involvement in the live music scene of Denver as both a performer and sound engineer / producer for local artists.

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