The below videos are created with a DIY attitude and visual aesthetic by
Tommy Von - all original artwork with no budget, and an attempt
to not follow current trends in what a music video should be.

Dog Eared Demo

Vampire Woe

Cosmic Sunrise

An explanation of The Great Year to help you
perceive the concepts in Cosmic Sunrise

Sky Burial

Meson B. Strange

Starlet Runway

Music Video Directed and edited by Tommy Von, song by Dan Roc.
Drums - Nick H. , Guitars, Keys - Dan Roc , Voc. - Tommy Von

Earth Junkie

Strange looks at the oval bar
Disco globe for a shooting star
What's it like to be a clown in a foreign town?

Earth Junkie, junk around the globe

Push the level and watch it bleed -- after all it's what you need
And a mark on a chain around your neck
After two there's a place I know where the conversation starts to flow
Broken english in a nicotine scented booth

Earth Junkie, junk around the globe

Empty my pockets -- get seen a the top of my glass (x3)
Earth Junkie, junk around the globe

Several shots of the pulpy stuff will clear your complexion up
Or you could spend the night at the Cafe Fille 
Let me tell you croaks the debonaire -- perfect hair is a love affair
And it gets you in where emissaries fear to tread.

Earth Junkie, junk around the globe

Sam i Am

From the album Head in the Clouds

Music video shot in Burbank, CA in 2000. Three camera DV shoot with post done in Adobe After Effects. The song was inspired by the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. The shots where I look like I'm praying is me using a Roland synth with a D-Beam controller.