Buddha Tone

Buddha Tone Records

Buddha Tone Records is the indie record company responsible 
for all releases associated with Tommy Von,
 The Psychedelic Sounds of MYST, and MonksBlood,
as well as independent artists who have recorded with BT.

Now offering Multi-channel, 24 BIT 
Mobile recording!

(Greater Denver Area)

- 48Khz - 96Khz sampling resolution
- Up to 12 individual tacks at a time
- Small recording rig footprint (for small practice spaces)

Now producing sound design for broadcast radio spots:
Featuring Kate, the AI british voice actor and her friends,
Fiona (Scottish), Allison (US), and more!

Most recent spots (below) have been produced for late night
talk radio show Other Side of Midnight (space/science):

Radio Spot Example 2

UBT Recording Session

Recent Recording Projects...


Austin Fudge BandCamp

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